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Morning Star Baptist Church (not to be confused with First Morning Star Baptist Church in East Oakland) is a church located at 1136 - 34th Street, on the northeast corner of 34th and Adeline, in the Clawson neighborhood. It dates back to at least 1960.

The 1952 Sanborn labels the building as Bible Fellowship Baptist Church. (NB: probably not related; later references c.1957 are on 8th Ave.) The first mention of Morning Star Baptist Church found in the Oakland Tribune is for King Narcisse speaking at the church in 1960. 1 Unfortunately, one of the next mentions was for a serious fire in 1962. Rev. J. Wesley Jacobs was pastor at the time. 2

Rev. M.J. Jackson, D.D., became pastor in 1972. 3

The building itself dates back to 1907 when it was built for the United Brethren Church, 4 which had previously been next door at 3408 Adeline c.1902. From c.1934 to 1949 it was the home of the Italian Christian Apostolic Church. 5,6,7

1952 Sanborn excerpt

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