What are your memories of Mosswood Park?

Dennis remembers:

Mosswood Park was home to a many of us boys without dads. Played a lot of baseball and tackle football and basketball and horse shoes, learned to do all those things there, what an outlet after school, summer vacation, made so many friends there. Oh, and I must not forget ping pong, a lot of time spent on that metal table sat a little out front of where we use to check out equipment. But learned to play at Tech High on Thursday nights...made so many friends. I wonder where all of my friends have gone!!!! And tennis, I played with the Mayor of Oakland [ Lionel Wilson ] a couple of times and his boy Stevie on the courts, 4 of them there. No vacations and no money..!! But those summers at Mosswood would make it so special...

Earl remembers:

My brother Phil and I were literally there every weekend. We lived in Hoover/Durant where if you lived on 34th or lower you went to Durant, but if you lived on 35th to MacArthur you went to Longfellow. We all met at the park like [ Dennis ] said the Wilson boys, their cousin, some of us ended up at Tech and some at Mack but we all started there at Mosswood. I remember snow cones 🍧 at the snack shack next to the basketball courts by the horse shoe area which is now a community gardens...Steve and one of the twins is still here, many of us have passed on.