The Municipal Government for the City of Oakland, California in 1887 was as follows:

MayorWilliam . R. Davis
Police JudgeFred W. Henshaw
Clerk of Police CourtD. E. Bortree
Bailiff of Police CourtSamuel H. Mitchell
City Clerk and TreasurerAshmun C. Henry (probably of the Ashmun C Henry House?)
Deputy City ClerkZ. T. Gilpin (also Freemason)
Marshal and Tax CollectorJohn W. Tompkins
Deputy City MarshalWilliam. A. McDowell
Deputy License CollectorLeon D. Smith
City AssessorJ. M. Dillon
Deputy City AssessorJ. Leach
City AttorneyJames A. Johnson
City EngineerT. W. Morgan
Chief Engineer Fire DepartmentJames K. Moffitt (related to the Blake & Moffitt Building?
First Assistant Engineer Fire DepartmentJames F. Kennedy (see BANC PIC 1996.003:Volume 27:124a--fALB for photo)
Second Assistant Engineer Fire DepartmentMiles Doody
Sup't Fire Alarm and Police TelegraphG. H. Carleton
City PhysicianD. D. Crowley, M. D.
Sanitary and Plumbing InspectorGeo. W. Snook
City WharfingerJ. J. Pennypacker
Captain of PoliceW. R. Thomas
Police ClerkR. A. Hughes
Pound MasterW. J. O'Connell
City Hall JanitorJ. A. Wilds


Regular meetings of the City Council on the 1st and 3d Mondays of each month.  A. W. Bishop, Fifth Ward, President; J. T. Carothers, First Ward; John C. Wilson, Second Ward; D. C. Brown, Third Ward; T. G. Harrison, Fourth Ward; John H. Pierce, Sixth Ward; O. C. Kirk, Seventh Ward.

Standing Committees
Ordinance and Judiciary — Carothers, Kirk, Harrison
Auditing and Finance — Wilson, Brown, Carothers
Streets and Buildings — Harrison, Pierce, Wilson
Fire and Water — Kirk, Wilson, Carothers
Education — Carothers, Wilson, Harrison
Street Lights and Lamp Posts — Wilson, Kirk, Pierce
Removals and, Obstructions — Pierce, Harrison, Brown
City Hall and Police — Brown, Pierce, Harrison
Public Printing — Pierce, Brown, Carothers


Police Court
Judge — Fred. W. Henshaw
Clerk — D. E. Bortree
Bailiff — Samuel H. Mitchell

City Justices' Courts
F. B. Ogden's Court is held at 864 Broadway, corner Eighth; Fred. W. Henshaw's, City Hall.

Police Department
Captain of Police — W. R. Thomas
Clerk Captain of Police Office — R. A. Hughes
Bailiff Police Court — Samuel H. Mitchell

First Sergeant — W. F. Fletcher
Second Sergeant — A. Wilson
Detectives — D. Holland, A Shorey
Day Prison Keeper — John M Ingham
Night Prison Keeper — J. S. Mackey


T. A. Downey, John Barnett, John Ranlett, C. H. Cole, J. B. Fields, B. R. Philips, O. D. Brown, Hall B. Rand, H. Nedderman, J. A. Kennedy, R. D. Hunter, F. Greenwald, Henry McCloy, P. H. Felley, D. W. Swain, E. J. Chase, W. A. Dannaker, Nicholas Williams; James Hill, Guard of Chain Gang.

The City Council makes all appointments to the police force. 

The following Special Patrolmen are under the control of the Captain of Police, subject to the same rules and regulations as the regularly appointed force: — D. F. Batchelder, M. D. Hewett, W. H. Summers, F. R. Weider, W. Howlett, W. F. Goodwin, St. Clair Hodgkins, D. Wright, Daniel Morrison, Thos. Gilmore, J. H. Baker, J. T. Morrison, C. A. Scoville, E. S. Ainsworth, Alonzo T. Ayers, Cornelius Wells, Wm. G. Cashin, Lyman D. Babb, J. W. Kesler, W. D. Thomas, A. J. Ross.


Chief Engineer — James Moffitt
Assistant Engineers — James F. Kennedy and Miles Doody
Superintendent Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph — G. H. Carleton


President, Isaac Upham ; Superintendent and Secretary (ex-officio) Fred M. Campbell; Assistant Superintendent and Secretary, Mrs. Kate A. Campbell; C. H. Redington, First Ward; H. M. Sanborn, Second Ward; H. T. Smith, Third Ward; E. Everett, Fourth Ward; Isaac Upham, Fifth Ward; R. W. Miller, Sixth Ward; Dr. A. Fine, Seventh Ward.

Standing Committees
Rules and Regulations — Redington, Smith, and Fine
Classification, Textbooks, and Course of Instruction — Fine, Everett, and Miller
Schoolhouses and Sites — Smith, Redington, and Fine
Furniture, Supplies, and Printing — Miller, Sanborn, and Everett
High School — Redington. Everett, and Fine
Commercial and Evening School — Sanborn, Smith, and Miller
Finance — Everett, Miller, and Redington
Judiciary — Sanborn, Smith, and Everett
Industrial Education — Redington, Fine, and Sanborn
Observatory — Sanborn, Miller, and Smith