Myron (Myron Glasper) & E (Eric Cooke) have a distinct soul, funk sound and released their first LP, "Broadway" on July 2, 2013 via Stone's Throw Records.

The duo first met when on tour with Blackilicious, where Myron was on back-up vocals, and E DJ'd. They first began singing together when contributing to The Soul Investigators's (a Finnish soul band) record. As a result of this collaboration the EP, Cold Game / I Can't Let You Get Away, was realized in 2008 featuring Myron & E's vocals alongside the Soul Investigators in Finland. 

While neither are originally from Oakland, Myron moved to Oakland in 1997, to perform with the Coffee Shop before taking on odd jobs (washing dishes at Geoffrey's Inner Circle, driving a big rig) and eventually joining with Blackilicious in 2002. Before singing, Myron began his career in dancing and appeared on the TV Show In Living Color. Recently, Myron has returned to LA. 

E lives in San Francisco, though originally from Newark. His background is DJ'ing, which began when in middle school. As a DJ, he previously recorded with Om Records  [East Bay Express].

Music Video: "If I Gave You My Love"

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