Properties that Sullivan's company owns in Oakland. By Darwin BondGrahamNeill Sullivan is a San Francisco-based real estate investor who owns hundreds of properties in Oakland, mainly homes in West Oakland. He's a major real estate investor who bought houses in Oakland during the foreclosure crisis that started in 2008.

According to an April, 2014 article in the East Bay Express:

"According to the Alameda County Assessor's Office, Sullivan's companies own approximately 270 parcels of real estate in Oakland."

"In a widely cited June 2012 report, the nonprofit organization Urban Strategies Council identified Sullivan's REO Homes as the second largest foreclosure investor in Oakland."

"The tens of millions of dollars that Sullivan raised to buy up these houses came from a wealthy network of hedge fund investors. A securities filing from September 2008 listed Thomas Steyer, Rajiv Patel, William Duhamel, and Ryan Schaper as investors in Sullivan's three funds."