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Nick's Pizza is possibly the only restaurant in town that boasts "Oakland-style" pizza (they use organic sourdough crust). This joint always has a daily vegan pizza, a handful of vegetarian options and features natural meats. Oh my God. Try the meyer lemon oil pizza topping. Also features red and white checkered tablecloths. Open in the mornings for strong coffee and fresh pastries. Closed Mondays.

The space is small, and yes, they do deliver.

They were previously at an even smaller space nearby at 6211 Shattuck.


6400 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, California 94609



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Previous Location - 6211 Shattuck

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Building History

Before 6211 Shattuck became Nick's Pizza in 2012, it was Pizza Plaza that served only vegan pizza (IIRC).

The lot (which currently includes a house on the corner as well as the storefront) was empty on the 1911-1912 Sanborn maps.

From at least 1928-1931, it was a grocery run by James H. Collins. (src) In 1924, J. H. Collins was at 2257 Shattuck in Berkley (src)

From at least 1944-1950, it was a Unity Grocery store (src); Al Norris was the proprietor in 1945 (src).

In 1976, someone wanted to open a massage parlor (no, nor that kind), but their permit was denied. (src) Later that year it was the Oakland campaign headquarters for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tom Hayden. (src) (Hayden lost.)