As part of the contract issued to Robert Wasserman, Strategic Policy Partnership, LLC and Bill Bratton in early 2013, Wasserman released a report (appears undated, but I believe it was Nov 1, 2013) titled "Oakland Police Department Best Practice Review."

Summary of the Introduction:

SPP writes that the department and City were very helpful in preparing the report. The report goes over several areas of the department: "For each area reviewed, the team identified best practices in police agencies across the country, reviewed those practices and assessed how they might apply to Oakland." The report claims that the consultants are very familiar with other agencies and says that another report is forthcoming with details on these agencies and best practices.

SPP writes that "the Department is well placed to achieve a level of excellence,community engagement and effectiveness that are built upon the many positive initiatives undertaken over the last ten years." The report cites Ceasefire as a good example of this, though the introduction does not give any specific examples. SPP says that there must be strong management and communication with the community as well as a vision that is understood by every employee in such a way that it is conveyed in every interaction with the public.

The report says that OPD has taken up a slogan used by Bratton: "Cops Count."

This is the policing vision in Oakland, according to the Report:

Strong community collaboration with the Department in areas of policy development and identification of tactics.

Strategic and tactical development, transparency and the sharing of responsibility between police and community for effective crime reduction throughout the City.

A strengthened commitment to problem-solving to prioritize long-standing concerns of the community that require police attention.

Internal police management practices that show respect for employees and value the work they do.

Pushing down authority within the organization for creative problem-solving that is inline with Department policies.

A lean police organization that provides value for money spent by the citizens of Oakland for policing services.

Developing a strong moral voice in every neighborhood that truly shares responsibility for setting the standard for safety and security where community members do not tolerate criminal and deviant behavior that damages their neighborhoods’ quality of life.

An effective crime prevention strategy with robust implementation of the Ceasefireprocess that has been so successful in other communities in reducing violence

A strong commitment to constitutional policing in every aspect, with officers understanding the importance of meeting these standards and fully supporting them as the core foundation of the policing culture in the Department.

A Department-wide commitment to treat every person with respect and dignity regardless of their circumstances in life.

A highly-skilled workforce able to interact with residents and the business community in a manner that gains their confidence in the Department, while at the same time intervene in complex conflict situations in a manner that de-escalates conflicts without the need for the use of force.

The Areas Covered in the Report:

  1. Building Communities of Trust
  2. Accountability-Based Police Structure 
  3. Neighborhood Policing Structure
  4. Developing Service Culture 
  5. Developing Management Skill
  6. Addressing Crime 
  7. Strengthening Police Training 
  8. Performance Evaluation
  9. Internal Affairs Processes 
  10. Managing Calls for Service
  11. Ceasefire Connection
  12. Racial Profiling Data Analysis 
  13. Crisis Intervention Skill Development
  14. Reducing Domestic Homicides  
  15. Recruitment of Candidates 

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