In May, 2015, the Oakland Police Department released a real-time map of calls for service to the public.

The map shows red dots with a location, the incident number, a brief description (taken from the call entered into the dispatch system), the police beat and the time of the call (is this the time the call came in or the time the call was closed?). There is an option to view the call on street view.


Event Number: LOP150516000544
Police Beat: 21Y
Call Date: 05/16/15 2:14:09 PM
Street View

You can also view the map in "Tabular" mode which removes the map and shows a table with the columns:

Event number, Location (street only), Description, Call Date (time stamped), Police Beat and City Council District.

"This information is being provided to allow the community an opportunity to see the volume and police activity that occurs in the City of Oakland. You will be able to request calls for service by beat. The information is updated simultaneously as calls for services are generated by the Oakland Police Communications Section."

The following incident types are not listed due to confidentiality, to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations and to protect victims as required by law:

Rape    Domestic Violence
Child Abuse / Corporal Injury on a child      Child Molestation
Criminal / Terrorist Threats      Alleged Mentally ill Subjects
Annoying / Molesting a Child      Violent Mentally ill Subjects
Suspected Adult Abuse      Suspected Child Abuse
Search Warrant Service      Hate Crime Reports

Opinions on this new map?

  • I live on a very short street. I feel like this map both gives me insight into the crime going on and way too much information. I don't really want to know this level of detail. For example, I don't need to know about the potential "battery on cohabitant" in the house behind me or 415boyfriend (fight with a boyfriend which could be DV even though that is excluded) on my corner. This feels very invasive.