The Oakland Academy, established on January 9, 1865, was a military, classical and English school for boys and young men.  The location as of January 10, 1868 was on Telegraph Avenue (there appears to have been no numbered address for the school), where the school employed seven teachers for the 60 boarders living there. 

The school was the private property of Rev. David McClure, who was also the Principal.

Combining family and military discipline, the entire school formed one military company, known as the "Oakland Academy Cadets" and was organized under the State Law, and furnished with arms.

In 1869 the following were teachers and staff at the Oakland Academy:

  1. George L. Babcock, Professor of Music
  2. F. A. Blackburn, Teacher
  3. Egbert D. Haven, Teacher
  4. Col. Thomas H. Monsterey, Professor of Fencing, etc.
  5. H. M. Smith, Teacher
  6. J. B. Wandesford, Professor of painting and drawing

At some point the school became a private co-ed day school for both girls and boys, and was located at 1265 Franklin Street in Oakland. 

There were four different courses of study from which to choose:

  1. Classical and Scientific Course
  2. Commercial Course
  3. Normal Course
  4. Modern Languages and Drawing

Isaac Wright, A.M., and D. P. Haynes, B. S., were the Principals in 1887.