Oakland Chamber of Commerce Building 1

The Oakland Chamber of Commerce Building has been in several different buildings over the year as the Oakland Chamber of Commerce grew. The chamber was founded in 1905.

From ____ to ____ it was located on the corner of Harrison Street and 13th Street [ shown above? ]

In 1913, it was at 1414 - 14th Street (future location of the Financial Center Building)

In 1924 and 1928, it was in the Hotel Oakland.

From at least 1935 to 1954, the chamber was in the Financial Center Building.

In January, 1955, the chamber moved its offices to 1320 Webster Street.

1320 Webster CC SA-BY Our Oaklandfrom Jan-Feb 1955 Oakland Outlook

Oakland Chamber of Commerce Building interior, with Alameda County Fruit and Vegetable Exhibit,

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