A mural on the side of General Liquors. It's a quote from Ishmael Reed. There's a community board next to it as well. The Longfellow Community Association was involved in the painting of the mural, which took place in June, 2013.

Here is what the LCA has to say:

It is a typographic mural designed by Jeanna Penn and installed by Jeanna & Stash Maleski (ICU Art). The mural is the first stanza of the poem “Let Oakland Be a City of Civility,” by the famous poet and author Ishmael Reed. The poem was written in 1999 for the inauguration of Jerry Brown as mayor of Oakland. Mr. Reed is also one of our neighbors a well. The mural reads:

Let Oakland be a city of civility

Let each citizen treat other

Citizens with good will and


We hope this message will resonate with all of our neighbors as we strive to make Longfellow a safe and beautiful community. 

We are always looking for new walls to paint, artist to collaborate with and people interested in sponsoring future projects. For more info contact: Jeanna@icuart.com.