The Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) is a 21-seat council formed in partnership with the City of Oakland, OFPC analyzes and reports on the Oakland food system from production through consumption and waste management. Perhaps most importantly, OFPC brings together underserved community members, food sector professionals, elected officials and city staff to develop food policy. The OFPC has established itself as an innovative group providing valuable community organizing, community representation, research, analysis and guidance for policymakers. 


Every Oakland resident is within walking distant to healthy, affordable food.

Oakland residents from all communities are food literate and active in food policy development and outcomes.

The Oakland food system is an engine for local economic development and involves local and regional agricultural communities

Food, hunger, and food systems is a permanent part of the City of Oakland’s agenda

Our local work actively contributes to the national dialog on food policy

Mission: Oakland Food Policy Council works to establish an equitable and sustainable food system.

Meetings: The OFPC meets the third Thursday of every month (except November & December) from 5PM-7PM at 1000 Broadway Blvd, 5th fl. Meetings are open to the public. You can learn more at