Oakland Laundry Company - Calou’s Linen Service

The Oakland Laundry Company - Calou’s Linen Service building is located at 730 - 29th Street, across from the former Marcus Foster Middle School (previously the Durant School). The business was founded by Pierre Calou in 1879. His wife, Mrs. Jennie Hourat (Calou) became president in 1914 following his death. 1

The building was constructed in 1931, to replace a building destroyed in a fire. It was designed by Miller and Warnecke. 1,2 On January 23, 1996 the Oakland Laundry Company was designated an Oakland Landmark #LM 95-187.

As home washing machines became more common, the company shifted to do more linen supply for restaurants and hotels. 4

The Calou family sold the business c.1972 to the Santucci family, because "there was no one in our family who wanted to run it." 4


730 - 29th St, Oakland, California

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1931 11931 11931 2

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