Oakland Lumber Company, 1894 1

There have been at least three businesses called the Oakland Lumber Company.


The first was located at 417 - 1st Street (now Embarcadero West), at Broadway from 1889 to 1898. William I. Reed, Samuel W. Reed, and David B. Hunter formed a partnership in 1889. 2

In 1892, the original partnership was dissolved, and a new one formed with just the Reeds. 3 Samuel Reed died in 1893. In 1898, the remaining lumber was auctioned off. 4

1889 directory
1892-1893 directory1898 directory

1889 Sanborn excerpt


The second business filed articles of incorporation in 1904. The directors were Earle Hicks, E.A. Dickey, Thomas W. Pierson, Ira W. Leslie, and Anna L. Dickey. 5 This entity apparently was defunct by 1909. 6


The third business first appears in the Tribune in 1944, at 6901 East 14th St. (now International Blvd.) The last ad found is from 1957. The location had previously been 6801 East 14th and the Garrett Mill and Lumber Company. Owner William Garrett died in 1941. 7

1950 Sanborn excerpt1949 ad 8

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