Oakland has had a long history of independent newspapers, beginning in the 1850s. This page will explore those earliest publications, leading up to the present. The first newspaper in Oakland was the Contra Costa, established by Mrs. S. M. Clarke, and the first newspaper devoted entirely to Oakland was the Leader edited by H. Davison, which was founded in the spring of 1854, though published in San Francisco. The German weekly Oakland Journal newspaper, began in 1875. By 1908 Oakland had two daily newspapers, the Enquirer and the Tribune.

  1. The Contra Costa publication began on September 16, 1854.
  2. Alameda Express "A weekly paper called the 'Alameda Express' appeared in Oakland some time during the year 1854." 1
  3. The Press began circulation on January 1, 1863, published by S. B. English.  Three months after the paper began, it was purchased by Mr. Gagen, the publisher of the Oakland News.
  4. Oakland News began publication in September 1863, published by Mr. Gagen; the paper continued operations under Gagen & Watson on January 25, 1865.
  5. Oakland Tribune publication began February 21, 1874, founded by publisher Benet A. Dews and editor George B. Staniford.
  6. Piedmont-Oakland Bulletin weekly newspaper began in the 1920s.
  7. The Montclarion weekly newspaper which began in October 1944.
  8. The Oakland Post ... [needs information]
  9. East Bay Express a weekly newspaper which began publication in 1978.


From Langley's Directory 1874:

  • Oakland News — daily, now owned by Gagan & Fairchild, was started in November, 1863, and for five years was the only paper published in the city. It is prosperous and growing; Republican in politics, and has kept pace with the growth and improvement of Oakland.
  • Transcript — daily, was started April, 1868, and has changed ownership several times, the present proprietor being A.W. Bishop, who has succeeded John Scott, under whose management it has been conducted for several years. It is Republican in politics.
  • Alameda County Gazette — weekly, is also published by A.W. Bishop.
  • Evening Torchlight — published by Louis Dunand & Co., was commenced in November, 1872. It is Independent in politics.
  • Oakland Home Journal — weekly, was established by its present proprietor, William Halley, on the 9th of July, 1871, as the Brooklyn Home Journal. It has been since twice enlarged, and has a constantly increasing circulation.
  • University Echo — monthly paper published under the auspices of the Durant Rhetorical Society, an organization composed of students of the State University.
  • Oakland Monthly Review — issued by John W. Boss & Co. The first number appeared in December, 1873 .

From Bishop's Oakland Directory in 1877-1878:

From the 1887 Oakland City Directory:

  • Signs of the Times — A 16-page, weekly, religious paper. Published by the Pacific Press Publishing Co., corner Castro Street and Central Avenue. Subscription, $2.00 per year.
  • American Sentinel — An 8-page monthly paper, devoted to the defense of American institutions. Published by Pacific Press Publishing Co., corner Castro Street and Central Avenue.  Subscription price, 50 cents per year.
  • Pacific Health Journal and Temperance Advocate — Thirty-two pages. Devoted to health and temperance. Published monthly, by the Pacific Press Publishing Co., .corner Castro Street and Central Avenue. Subscription price, $1.00 per year.
  • Daily Morning Times — Republican in politics. Published by the Times Publishing Co. W. R. Bentley, Manager Office, 950 Broadway. Price, 50 cents per month, delivered by carrier. Official paper of the city. Only paper in California (outside of San Francisco) issued every day in the week. Energetic, spicy, bold. Gives the latest news.
  • Enquirer — Issued every evening (Sundays excepted), and delivered by carriers at 35 cents a month. Republican in politics.  Frank A. Leach, Publisher and Proprietor. Office, 960 Broadway.
  • Daily Evening Tribune — Republican. Office, 413-417 Eighth Street. Published by Tribune Publishing Co. Yearly subscription, $6.00. Delivered at 15 cents per week. W. E. Dargie, Manager.
  • East Oakland News (East Oakland) — Weekly. Republican in politics. James D. Nairne, Proprietor. Published every Saturday.
  • Oakland Sentinel — Weekly. Democratic in politics. Published bv the Sentinel Publishing Co. Frank J Moffitt, Manager. Office. Delger Block.
  • Oakland Journal (German) — Weekly. Albert Kayser, Editor and Publisher. Office, Germania Hall, 832 Webster Street. Post-office box, 287.//
  • The Labor Advocate — Weekly. Published every Saturday under the auspices of the Knights of Labor and Trades Unions of Alameda County. Subscription, six months, 50 cents. Publication office, corner Franklin and Twelfth Streets.
  • Herald of Truth — A semi-monthly paper, devoted to the religious interests of the Pacific Coast. Granville S. Abbott, Editor and Publisher. Subscription, $1.25 per year. 569 Eleventh Street.
  • California W. C. T. U. Bulletin — Published by the California Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Mrs. P. D. Browne, Editor. Issued monthly. Twenty-five cents per year.
  • The Holiness Evangelist — An 8-page paper. Published in the interest of Scriptural holiness, by A. Coplin, 1171 Broadway. Subscription, 75 cents per year.

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