The Oakland Office of Parks and Recreation (OPR) began in 1909 as the Playground Division in Public Works for the City of Oakland, California.  Since that period the renamed OPR has over 2,500 acres of open space, which includes 2 boating facilities, 2 cultural arts centers, 5 public pools, 7 enterprise centers, 9 community gardens, 24 recreation centers, 53 athletic fields, 59 tennis courts, and more than 140 parks.

In 2011 the Office of Parks and Recreation celebrated its first 100 years at deFremery Park, the first municipal playground in Oakland which the city bought for $135,000 in 1907.

The next two playgrounds were Bushrod and Bayview, which opened to the public in 1910.  Mosswood Park was the first social center which the City of Oakland opened in 1912.

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