Listen to the live Oakland Police Dispatch Live Audio Feed.

The Oakland Police Department Radios do not always work properly, with officers unable to communicate.

On 12/6/13, the Oakland Tribune reported:

"A city-commissioned report released Friday from RSS Consultants recommends that Oakland replace its fleet of 2,700 radios "as soon as possible." The replacement cost is estimated between $15 million and $20 million.

City leaders said they were committed to upgrading the radios and planned to enter talks to disband its city-run radio system and join a regional radio network that includes nearly every East Bay city."


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A=  Adam                   N=  Nora
B=  Boy                    O=  Ocean
C=  Charles                P=  Paul
D=  David                  Q=  Queen
E=  Edward                 R=  Robert
F=  Frank                  S=  Sam
G=  George                 T=  Tom
H=  Henry                  U=  Union
I=  Ida                    V=  Victor
J=  John                   W=  William
K=  King                   X=  X-Ray
L=  Lincoln                Y=  Yellow
M=  Mary                   Z=  Zebra



187  Murder                          924  Go To Your Station
207  Kidnapping                      926  Give Your Location
211  Robbery                         927  Unlawful Bonfire
245  Assault W/Deadly Weapon         928A Explosion
261  Rape                            928C Investigation Incendiary Device
288  Lewd/Lascivious Conduct         928F Bomb Threat
314  Indecent Exposure               929  Fire
415  Disturbing The Peace            933  Burglary Alarm
415A Disturbing The Peace-Auto       936  File Check-Vehicle
415J Disturbing The Peace-Juvenile   936A File Check-Person(s)
415C Disturbing The Peace-Investigate 936C File Check-Gun
415D Disturbing The Peace-Drinking   937C No Info On File
415E Disturbing The Peace-Music Party 937S Similiar Info On File
415F Disturbing The Peace-Family     937M Matching Info On File
415G Disturbing The Peace-Gang       937D Person Is Considered "Damage" Auto
459  Burglary                             Cover Sent-Unless Cancelled By
484  Theft-Petty                          Requesting Officer
487  Theft-Grand                     938  Cancell Last Assignment
602L Trespassing                     940  Meet The Officer
901  Vehicle Collision-Property Damage 940A Officer Needs Assistance
901A Vehicle Collision-Injury        940B "OFFICER NEEDS HELP"
901B Vehicle Collision-Ascertain Ambulance 941  Citizen Holding Prisoner
901D Vehicle Collision-Drunk Involved 943  Fight (discribe type)
904  Message Received                945  Ambulance Follow Up
905  Abandoned Auto                  945A Ambulance Requested
906  Person Breaking In              945C Receive The Ambulance
908  Out Of Service                  946  Tow Truck Needed
908A Out Of Service-Meal             947  Patrol Wagon Needed
908B Out Of Service-Rest/Relief      947J Patrol Wagon Needed-Juvenile
908C Out Of Service-Coffee           949  Suspicious Persons In Auto
908D Out Of Service-Off Duty         950  Invest. Report From Citizen
909  In Service                      952  Invest. Report From P.T.T.
909A In Service-Meals                953  Person Down on Street
909D In Service-On Duty              955  Animals Straying
                                     955A Vicious Animal
910  Prowler Outside                 955B Noisy Animal
912  Suspicious Person               955E Animal Bite
913  Suicide                         955F Injured Animal
913A Attempted Suicide               959  Malicious Mischief
914  Phone Your Station              962  Meet The Citizen
915  Phone Radio Room                963  Ball Playing In Street
916  Request To Communicate W/ Field 965  Witness Blood Test
917  916....Granted                  968  Pick Up Dead Animal
917D 916....Denied
918  Person Screaming For Help
921  Car Prowler    
922  Drunk On Street
922A Drunk In Auto
922B Drunk Inside Building