The Oakland Scenic Tour was created in 1995. 1 The 52 stop driving tour of Oakland only had printed maps available for a few years, but many of the brightly-colored signs are still around Oakland. A few of the stops like Jack London Village no longer exist.

The tour starts with stop #1 at Oakland City Hall, goes through various neighborhoods, and then finishes with stop #52 back downtown at City Center.

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Points of Interest
* indicates an historic point

** indicates a vista point

1. Oakland City Hall
One Frank Ogawa Plaza

Frank Ogawa Memorial Park

Rotunda Building, 1501 Broadway

Broadway Building, 1401 Broadway

2. American President Lines Building
1111 Broadway
Oakland Museum Sculpture Garden
3. Oakland Convention Center
550 - 10th St. at Broadway
4. Old Oakland
Broadway to Clay Street
between 8th and 10th streets

* Washington Inn 495 - 10th St.

G.B. Ratto & Co. 821 Washington St.

Housewives market 9th and Clay streets

5. 5th Street
near Jefferson Street

* Bret Harte Boardwalk 5th St. between Jefferson and Clay

* Western Pacific Train Station 3rd and Washington streets

TJ's Gingerbread House 741 - 5th St.


Port of Oakland headquarters

550 Water St. at Clay Street

FDR pier (ferry terminal) foot of Clay Street

USS Potomac


Jack London Square

foot of Broadway

* Heinold's First & Last Chance Saloon

* Jack London's Yukon Cabin


Jack London Village

south on the Oakland Estuary
from Jack London Square

Jack London Museum

Ebony Museum

Jack London "Dazzler" replica

C.L. Dellums Rail Station 2nd and Alice streets



South of Nimitz
Improvement District

Broadway to Jackson streets

2nd to 5th streets

* Historic Produce District Franklin from 4th to Embarcardero

* Posey Tube Portal

10. Oakland Estuary ** Estuary Park Embarcadero between 5th and Oak streets

Embarcadero Cove

Embarcadero at 16th Avenue

** Fishing pier and marina

* L.J. Quinn's Lighthouse 51 Embarcadero Cove

* Restored Victorians adjacent to Quinn's Lighthouse


Laney College

900 Fallon St.

Estuary Channel Park

Madison Square Park Madison between 8th and 9th


Oakland Museum of California

1000 Oak St.


Alameda County Courthouse

12th and Oak streets


14th Street

Oak Street to Broadway

Oakland Public Library, History Room 125 - 14th St.

* Alice Arts Center 1425 Alice St.

* Tribune Tower 13th and Franklin streets

* Financial Center Building 14th and Franklin streets
* U.S. Post Office 201 - 13th St.

* Hotel Oakland 270 - 13th St.

Plaque marking original site of University of California 13th and Franklin streets


Oakland Chinatown

Broadway to Alice Street

6th to 9th streets

* Asian Resource Center and Gallery 310 - 8th St.

Uptown District/Paramount Theatre

Broadway to Telegraph Avenue

18th Street to West Grand Avenue

* Old Fox Theater Telegraph Avenue between 18th and 19th streets

* Old Floral Depot Building Telegraph Avenue at 19th Street

* Paramount Theatre 2025 Broadway

Earlier tours

In 1967, signs were to mark a 45-mile scenic drive starting at Jack London Square:

Within the next week or so, signs bearing a colorful oak leaf emblem will begin sprouting in Oakland. The markers will designate a 45-mile "Scenic Tour" through and by the city's oldest and newest attractions. 2

It's unknown if the signs were put up, and how long they lasted.

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