Describe Oakland Street Railway Company here

Gilman William Bacon was a conductor for the Oakland Street Railway Company from 1888 to 1902. 

Beginning in 1892 to 1896 Abraham K. Grim was manager of the Consolidated Street Railway Company of Oakland.  [Was the Consolidated Street Railway Company of Oakland the same as the Oakland Street Railway Company, or a completely different company?]

[Based partly on the timing and partly on the paucity of references to the name "Consolidated Street Railway Company of Oakland," I would say fairly confidently that this is supposed to be the "Oakland Consolidated Street Railway," which existed from 1890-1898. - NAParish]

Hmm... This perhaps deserves its own page, since it was apparently started by the SP before being purchased by the Key System -- but it's not clear how much information we'll be able to find, since it was only operated for a short time by the SP.

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