The Oakland Times was at least two different daily newspapers over the years. The first was started in 1866 (or 1868?), one of the oldest papers in Alameda County. The Oakland Times was reborn in 1925 as part of the Hearst Corporation. 1 It appears to have had numerous different variations on the name over the years, as well as different owners, publishers and editors.

First Version

from Rowell's American Newspaper Directory, 1884
The first version listed at the Library of Congress is the Oakland Evening Transcript, in 1868, H. Coffin, publisher: 6

Name Year(s) Publisher
Oakland Evening Transcript 1868 H. Coffin
Oakland Daily Transcript 1868-1878 O. P. Truesdell
Oakland Daily Times 1878-1886 J. A. Johnson
Oakland Morning Times 1886-1892 Times Pub. Co.
Oakland Times 1893-1913 Morning Times Co.
Morning Enquirer and Oakland Times 1913-19??  

James A. Johnson was the editor and "part proprietor" c. 1878. 3

Franklin K. Lane served as printer's devil (printer's apprentice) after graduating from Oakland High School, c. 1880.

John P. Irish was the editor c.1882-1885.

In 1884, the Sheriff (Hale?) was to sell "the good will and subscription lists" and the old type and press, to settle a lawsuit by Johnson & Wyman against O. B. Powers. The sale did not include the new press and dress of type as that was the property of John P. Irish. 6

On December 9, 1886, Sheriff Hale sold the paper to Frank Madden of Stockton for $5,780. That afternoon, Madden sold it to William J. Dingee and William R. Bentley. 4

John Eugene Baker was managing editor from 1891-1892, and again from 1893-1895. 2

Jack London wrote an article, "Laws Direct From Voters", which was published May 5, 1895.

The Times was sold again in 1896 to Frank A. Leach, "proprietor of the Examiner". 5

1925 Version

1925 masthead 1

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