Measure DD was a 2002 bond measure allocating $198.25 million for better parks and cleaner water. More than 80% of Oakland voters approved it.

Funded projects include parks, trails, bridges, improvements to the path & landscaping around Lake Merritt, a recreation center, historic building renovations, land acquisition and creek restoration.

The Measure DD Community Coalition meets every other month at Lakeside Park Garden Center (666 Bellevue Avenue). For more information, please visit

Besides improvements around the lake, Measure DD has also worked to improve the water quality of Lake Merritt. While you may still get an odd whiff of salt water, algae and/or wildlife, the lake is no longer "the lake of 1,000 smells". This is due in large part to better water circulation, both from the improved flow in the channel and because of the addition of aerators. Getting rid of the smelly pedestrian underpasses under "world's shortest freeway" helped, too,

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