Wouldn't it be cool if Oakland Wiki threw an event thought of by you? Please add your ideas below!

  • Peralta Hacienda tour/editathon
  • A  Bikeabout dedicated to posting articles around town. This way, people don't need to go on the Internet to first see Oakland Wiki. 
  • Collaboration with the library's teen zone summer history passport program. 
  • Oakland Wiki Readathon: Let's come together for a social reading hour, and share what we discover and love on the wiki. [This event is innately self-reflective for volunteers. It will be an opportunity to reflect upon what we've accomplished.]
    • On a related note, it would be wonderful to get together (during the retreat?) to both highlight and celebrate our accomplishments. 
  • Jane Jacobs Walk ? Anyone?
  • editathon (possibly beer themed) at telegraph or the trappist provisions. i keep saying i'm going to organize it, and they both have wifi, but i keep not doing it... -gk
  • August?, TBASexual and Reproductive Health-themed editathon (planning page).
  • Housing Justice - July? TBA. Outreach has started thanks to Dennis. Diana promises to follow up.