CC SA-BY Our Oakland

CC SA-BY Our Oakland

The Ohlone mural, formally titled "The Capture of Solid, The Escape of Soul" is a mural by Rocky Rische-Baird on the side of the Castle Apartments at 4150 Piedmont Avenue. It shows "the subjugation of the Ohlone people, and the relationships between past and present, settler and native, freedom and oppression." 1 It was painted in 2006.

The green figure represents small pox and other introduced diseases that killed numerous Ohlone people. The "paper doll" rancher outfit represents the Spanish Franciscan monks trying to convert the Ohlone into corn-based farmers instead of traditional hunter-gatherers.

A few people are offended by the nakedness of the main Ohlone figure, and the mural has occasionally been vandalized by people painting on pants or putting a sticker over the figure.

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