If you want a page to show up on one of the Old Building pages, you should tag them accordingly:

  • Oakland Historical Landmarks (for officially designated Oakland Historic Landmarks)
  • National Register of Historic Places (for officially designated National Register places)
  • demolished (obviously for something that has been.... demolished. not mutually exclusive from these others)
  • historic place (not quite buildings, but still physical)
  • not a landmark but should be (places OaklandWiki editors think are awesome but not yet recognized by The Establishment)
  • historic districts (note plural) (blocks, neighborhoods, etc)
  • natural landmark
  • notable building (for things that aren't necessarily historic (or maybe they are) but are definitely, well, notable!)

for now, we are not using "landmark." if you have a building that doesn't fall into any of the other categories, and is old, "historic building" is okay for a default