Officer Omar Daza-Quiroz is the officer with the Oakland Police Department who was hired in 2008.

Officer Daza-Quiroz has a minimum of 74 excessive force complaints against him.  And Information released in a court case against Perez-Angeles and Officer Daza-Quiroz indicates that the two of them have a combined 700 pages of internals affairs complaints lodged against them.4

In 2008, Officer Daza-Quiroz along with Officer Perez-Angeles and Officer Jeff Camilosa shot and killed Leslie Allen after a police chase.1 They chased the car due to “high narcotics activity in the area.” After the car crashed, Officer Camilosa ordered the two people in the car to show their hands. The driver ignored the command, while Leslie Allen, in the passenger seat, reached for the dashboard. Camilosa then fired three times, striking Allen once in the head. No narcotics were found in the car, though a loaded weapon was.6

In 2010, Officer Perez-Angeles and Officer Daza-Quiroz fatally shot unarmed Derrick Jones.1 Asked hours after the shooting why he didn't deploy his tazer, Daza-Quiroz said "I wanted to get lethal."7  Jones’ family filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city for civil rights violations and (then-Chief) Anthony Batts called in the FBI to aid in the shooting investigation.2 The Alameda County District Attorney’s office cleared Daza-Quiroz.3

See page on Derrick Jones for more information.


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