This is the neighborhood, not to be confused with Peralta Hacienda Historical Park! Peralta Hacienda loosely coalesces around the Park, bounded by Coolidge, 35th and Foothill.

Is this a neighborhood name that people use? If you live here and call this neighborhood "Peralta Hacienda," please say so here! Also, if you live here and call this neighborhood something else, please say so also :)

I used to live in this neighborhood on Bona Street and considered it part of the Dimond district.  I would call the portion further down Coolidge past Davis towards Foothill to be "Fruitvale."

I live just south of the park. While I believe most folks in my immediate neighborhood just refer to the area as "Fruitvale," I think a strong case can be made for the streets near the park - 34th, Davis, etc. to be called Peralta Hacienda, since it is such a center of community here. Not sure about the Bartlett folks. It might vary based on who uses the park. I kind of think Peralta Hacienda is a more appropriate name for parts of the adjacent streets on the other side of Coolidge like Davis, Prentiss, Hyde and Logan than "Patten." Patten/Foothill commercial/Peralta Hacienda are probably one fluid neighborhood within Fruitvale with a few loci and do not need to be separated.

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