Phillip "Phil" H. Tagami (born August 27, 1965) is a developer and well-known character from Oakland.

Tagami is the CEO of California Commercial and Investment Group and managing general partner for California Capital Group. He was the developer for the Fox Theatre and the Rotunda Building. He has served on the Oakland Planning Commission and on the Port of Oakland Board of Comissioners. His development group is also working on the Oakland Army Base Project and the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal within it.

He made headlines when he faced down Black Bloc protesters with a shotgun during Occupy Oakland in 2011. On July 14th, 2013 people protesting the acquittal of George Zimmerman smashed windows in a variety of Uptown and Downtown businesses. On July 15th, Tagami publicly (including on Twitter) stated he was buying drinks for whoever came to Dogwood Bar, one of the businesses, at 5:30.

You can often hear Gene Hazzard ranting against him and his developments at City Council meetings.

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