Philip-Hilaire Rémillard (December 18, 1834–March 26, 1902) was one of the founders of the Remillard Brick Company. He arrived in California in 1854, working in mines near Auburn, CA in order to earn enough money to bring two of his brothers, Pierre-Nicolas “Peter” Rémillard and Edouard "Edward" Rémillard, to California. Philip-Hilarie is listed as Hilarie in many Oakland records.

Hilarie was born December 18, 1834 in Napierville, Quebec, Canada, the eldest son of Hilarie Rémillard and Marie Reine Boule/Boulay (Rémillard). At 19 years old he learned brick making in Boston. In 1854 he came west via Panama. He worked in the mines near Auburn, CA to make enough money to help bring two of his brothers to California, Edward in 1859 and Peter in 1861.

By 1864, Remillard was involved in brick making in a very modest way. By 1879 when they incorporated the company, it was making 45,000,000 bricks a year and employed about 400 people.

In 1878, Remillard purchased a block at the corner of Adeline and 42nd Street, where the family home remained until about 1883 when his widowed mother had a home built at 999 - 43rd Street. 1

Death and Burial

Hilarie died at home on March 26, 1902, after a short illness. A funeral was held from the home, and his body cremated in San Francisco. 2 [ Need to figure out final resting place. His parents and brother Edward are buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery, and brother Peter is buried in Mountain View Cemetery. ]

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