In 1912 there was a Pig’n Whistle candy store in the Oakland, California H. C. Capwell department store.  The chain of candy stores became so popular throughout California that Pig'n Whistle began opening restaurants.  With three factories, Pig'n Whistle baked its own line of baked goods, candy and ice cream. 

The restaurants were considered 'refined and elegant' but created to appeal to children, and so were very family oriented.  Prices were moderate although the menus were fancy. 

"In 1934 it was possible to order a “De Luxe” six-course dinner for $1.00 that included dishes such as “Braised Saddle of Rabbit, Chasseur” and “Grilled Boned Loin of Spring Lamb” with fresh mushrooms and mint jelly. The dinner came with additional courses and accompaniments such as seafood cocktail, soup, spaghetti, avocado salad, and asparagus Hollandaise. To finish, there were 23 desserts to select from." 1

Declining profits spelled the end of the chain in the 1950's.

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