The Pioneer Planing Mills was established in 1865 by D. G. Barnes, and was located at the Old Stand, 1st Street,near Broadway, Oakland, California.  In the beginning four men were employed, but by 1869 when the mills was owned by Blethen & Terry (of Mayor James E Blethen) thirty men were employed full time.  Up until 1869 all the mill work for the city was done at the Pioneer Mills, and the company expanded the capacity through extensive renovations.


An advertisement from 1869 read as follows:

To the Builders of Oakland and Vicinity

Encourage Home Institutions


At the Old Stand, FIRST STREET, near Broadway


Having enlarged and improved their facilities are prepared to

furnish with dispatch, and strictly according to agreement

every description of

Window Frames,          Brackets,

Door Frames,                Columns,

Sash,                                 Banisters,

Front Doors,                    Moldings,

Panel and Sash Doors,   Casings,

Inside Blinds,                        Lattice,

And every variety of

First Class Mill Work,

Jig and Scroll Sawing, Wood-Turning and Glazing done with

neatness and dispatch.

Tanks and Cisterns of every description built in the best

manner and at the lowest market rates.

The Proprietors being practical mechanics, and superintend-

ing all their Mill Work themselves, warrant everything to be

done in first-class style to the entire satisfaction of customers,

and at less than


Pioneers in the march of improvement, our motto is:

"Second to None in our line."


James E. Blethen,                                   V. P. Terry