Andrew Jackson Pope9 18??-1878) and Frederic Talbot arrived in California 1849 from East Machias, Maine.  In 1850 Frederic Talbot decided to return home to East Machias, Maine and left the business in the hands of his brother  Captain William C Talbot (18??-1881)

  In 1862, Pope and Talbot formed Pope & Talbot, that managed the sales of materials from the lumber mill as well as owned and operated a fleet of vessels used to ship the lumber from the mills.  By 1881, Pope & Talbot owned four sawmills, nineteen cargo and lumber ships, and thousands of acres of timber lands in Oregon, Maine, California, and Washington.

William H. and Frederick C. Talbot took over running the businesses after the deaths of A.J. Pope in 1878 and of their father, CaptainTalbot, in 1881   William H.'s sons, William C. II and Frederick C. (known as F C  Talbot) eventually played major roles in the company.