Power Structure and Urban Policy: Who Rules in Oakland? is a book by Edward C. Hayes about the history of political power in Oakland from WWII to the late 1960s. It deals with the questions of who has the ability to affect city policy and for the benefit of whom. This mainly comes down to how resources are distributed and for whose benefit.

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108: approximately 100,000 white middle-class homeowners left Oakland between 1950 and 1960. Between 1959 and 1965, downtown vacancies rose to 21%. Between 1958 and 1963, 80 downtown businesses went bankrupt or moved. The General Neighborhood Renewal Plan was introduced in 1957. It was the city's first broad plan for redevelopment and was intended to save the downtown businesses.

111-113: Details on the founding and early days of OCCUR.

113-115: Describes OCCUR's activities in doing public outreach and outreach to the council and business community to gain support for redevelopment.

116-117: Details on GNRP, Acorn, and Oak Center.

117-119: Lots of details about how the agency determines which houses are acceptable for rehabilitation vs should be demolished.

120: Details about the City Center redevelopment project area and its history.

121: Details about how the city buys and sells industrial sites as part of redevelopment activities.

121-2: Details about banks, bonds, etc. See the Oakland Redevelopment Agency entry for more info.

122-5: West Oakland Planning Council.

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Power Structure and Urban Policy: Who Rules in Oakland?

Author Edward C. Hayes

New York: McGraw-Hill



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Your review of my book, Power Structure and Urban Policy (1981) is VERY fair and accurate - Edward C. Hayes, PhD ?I wrote it as grad student at UCBerkeley in the late 1960s. as my PhD dissertation, given the mark "Distinction" by UC

ECH, Sat. July 26, 2014. I am age 76.