Produce Pro is a grocery store and carniceria in West Oakland at the corner of 23rd and San Pablo (right above Grand Ave., in the Ghosttown neighborhood). It's a very nice grocery store with a good mix of dry goods and inexpensive fresh produce.


Produce Pro is similar to many latino grocery stores. There is a carniceria, lots of fruits and veggies, dairy and eggs, lots of options for canned items, dry goods, and herbs and spices. It also sells a number of home items (cleaners, sponges, paper goods, batteries, etc.) and pharmacy-style items (shampoo, razors, etc.).

There are also options for vegans including tofu, soy milk, and almond milk. The owners may also be friendly to requests for ordering other items that you may not see.

There is a sunny room off to the side for the tacqueria with lots of plugs and there is even free wifi!

Unique/Hard to Find Items



2314 San Pablo Ave.

Hours: Mon-Sun 8AM-8PM