Project Elefont is a Bay Area community based collective illustrating urban scenes with wild life and culture murals/ street art. 100% of the work is original designed by each artist, working as a progressive group to bring you  Murals,apparel, paintings, and screen prints. Influences come from cultural backgrounds, animals, graffiti, and  calligraphy.

Project Elefont is responsible for the first murals in Solano Alley (aka the Solano Alley Project).

Artists involved with Project Elefont include Chris Granillo, SAZE one Aj, Jonny Boy  Nagel, Lorenzo Chicano Eyes, Manny Fresh, Gata lata, Daz one, Chamuco, Corazon Quebrado / Amor Eterno tattoo, Dead Eyes, Ras Terms , Safety first, Keena, Black Diamond Shining collective, Oree original, Oakland teachers, SF creative IQ, Groundscore collective, PTV Crew, Lords crew, and many more. 

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