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Renod's was a women's clothing store in the early 1900s run by the Donner family. The Renod name was Donner reversed with an 'n' removed. 1

It was originally the Specialty Coat Shop. In 1923, they started offering other women's clothing and changed the name to Renod's. The shop was at 536 - 15th St. 6,7 in the Dalziel Building.

In 1931, they moved into a new space at 2021 Broadway designed by Reed and Corlett. 1

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At some point, the gold terra cotta was removed and the upstairs windows covered over, and the space was the site of the Ragsmatazz Factory Store. 2 In 2014, the City approved a conditional use permit to allow the Port Bar to open in the building, which included approval for the restoration of the original building façade. 3 The restoration was completed by January 2017. 4

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