Roberto Costa moved to Allendale Park Neighborhood in May 2005. Became Chair of Allendale Park Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) from 2007-2009. The priorities for the group became to increase the amount of Neighborhood Watch Groups in the area, increase the quality of life of residents by reporting infrastructural maintenance needed in the area and to provide a list of social resources available to residents of Oakland as a mechanism for crime prevention.

Roberto Costa became an active member of the Allendale Park Beautification Committee which coordinated monthly cleanups around the neighborhood and eventually phased to public benefit art projects in the name of mosaic murals on public property with permission from Public Works' Adopt-A-Spot program. The following list encompasses the community benefit mosaic mural project in Oakland up to date:

Project Description   Project Location/ Neighborhood   Project Date
Allendale Mosaic Planters 35th Avenue - I-580 Exit / Allendale Park April 2008
Allendale Rec Center Peace Tree Mosaic 3711 Suter Ave. / Allendale Park May 2009
1st Maxwell Park Mosaic Wall Fleming Avenue side / Maxwell Park  June-July 2009
8 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification Along Penniman Ave. - 35th Ave.- High St. / Allendale Park March - April 2010
2nd Maxwell Park Mosaic Wall Allendale Avenue side / Maxwell Park May-June 2010
3 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification Fleming Ave. - Allendale Ave. / Maxwell Park August 2010
 2 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification School Street -35th Ave. / Allendale Park October 2010
Fruitvale International Plaza Mosaic International Blvd. - 35th Ave. / Fruitvale District March-April 2011
3rd Maxwell Park Mosaic Wall High Street side / Maxwell Park May - June 2011
2 Trash Container Beautification Penniman Avenue - Short Street/ Allendale Park March 2012
10 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification Along Grand Avenue / Adams Point April-May 2012
4th Maxwell Park Mosaic Front Wall Monticello side / Maxwell Park May-July 2012
2 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification 40th St. - Market Street / Longfellows Neighborhood March 2013
1 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification 34th St. - Martin Luther King / West Oakland April 2013
2 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification 27th Street - Harrison Avenue / Westlake Middle School May 2013
2 Trash Container Mosaic Beautification Bienati Way - Fruitvale Avenue / Dimond District  July - August 2013
Playground Retaining Wall Maxwell Park April -June 2013
Trash Container / Retaining Wall Mosaic Courtland Creek Park / Melrose High Hopes Neighborhood September - October 2013
Melrose Public Library Mosaic Bancroft Avenue - 47th Avenue Triangle / Melrose High Hopes Neighborhood December 2013-March 2014

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