Rockridge Woman's Club (also sometimes called Rockridge Women's Club) was a women's club originally located at 5862 Keith Avenue between College Avenue and Broadway in Rockridge, and later located at 6065 Chabot Road. The Keith Avenue clubhouse was designed in the early 1920s by Miller and Warnecke, and was demolished to allow the construction of the Grove Shafter Freeway and BART through Rockridge.

Pacific Coast Architect cover showing a portion of the clubhouse
(fair use) 1
Oakland Tribune photomontage 2

This circa 1950s photo seems to be the same one used by the Tribune in 1965 (fair use) 3Photo from Oakland Tribune article about the pending demolition of the clubhouse 4

1926 11

Chabot Road

The newer clubhouse on Chabot Road was constructed in 1966 and 1967, with the first events at the clubhouse occurring in January 1967. 5,6,7,8

Oakland Tribune, June 12, 1966 6 Oakland Tribune, June 12, 1966 5

The Club sold the Chabot Road building for use as a single family home and art studio in 2002. According to a recent Nextdoor post, the Club continued to meet for some short period of time after selling the building, although the Club only had 12 members at the time. Corporate records filed with the California Secretary of State indicate the corporation survived until approximately 2010, but has now been dissolved. 9 The building is currently listed for sale for $2.8 million. 10

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