Samuel H. Robinson was the 3rd Mayor of Oakland, California, whose term began on March 3, 1856.  "Anti-Squatter" mayor Charles Campbell, who was defeated by Robinson, accused Horace W. Carpentier of using illegal votes to secure Robinson's victory.  Samuel H. Robinson had come to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.<font size="2">2</font>

He was elected Mayor of Oakland and served the term of 1856 and 1857. 

Following Samuel H. Robinson's death (perhaps around May 24, 1899?), it was noted that his widow lived in West Oakland



Robinson was a founding member of the Live Oakland Lodge, No. 61, F. & A. M. (Free and Accepted Masons) in Oakland.  On August 19, 1854, the brethren met in a building owned by Edson Adams, at the foot of Broadway, near the wharf, the then business center of the embryo city, and organized Live Oak Lodge, the following brethren acting as officers: Lawrence C. Owen, Worshipful Master; Isaac E. Paddock, Senior Warden; Jeremiah E. Whitcher, Junior Warden; and Samuel H. Robinson, Secretary.  Brother Samuel H. Robinson, the Secretary, was elected Master in 1858, serving one term. December 5, 1857, Samuel H. Robinson was chosen Master. [Two different years ... not sure if both correct ... would seem that Robinson was 'chosen' in December 1857 for the 1858 term].

Samuel Robinson was one of the First Officers under the Charter, which the Lodge Constituted on May 9, 1855.  Isaac E. Paddock, W. M. Jeremiah E. Whitcher, S. W. Horace A. Higley, J. Y. Samuel H. Robinson, Treas. Samuel B. McKee, Sec. James Black, S. D. John Scott, J. D. Franklin Warner, Tyler.1


There appears to be articles regarding Samuel H. Robinson which I cannot access ... Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, June 06, 1928 : Front Page, Oakland Tribune, Saturday, June 09, 1928, Page 26,


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