Peps357 is painting a large mural on the side of a building on 23rd Ave between International and East 12th. There is a man screenprinting and he is surrounded by words. The mural will be unveiled at the Block Party on October 25, 2014.

photo by greenkozi

updated, 10/24/14. note artist working in lower left of right wall. photo by greenkozi

10/25/14 photo by greenkozi.

1/1/15 by greenkoziphoto by greenkoziphoto by greenkozi

The woman on the right has a poem next to her.

"And If We Don't Fight
We Don't Resist If We Don't Organize & Unify And
Get The Power To Control Our Own Lives
Then We Will Wear The Exaggerated Look Of Captivity
The Stylized Look Of Submission
The Bizarre Look Of Suicide
The Dehumanized Look Of Fear
And The Decomposed Look Of Repression 
Forever &Ever &Ever &There It Is"- Jayne Cortez