South Prescott is a neighborhood of Oakland. is a small Neighborhood located Below the West Oakland Bart station the area has a unique history and a very Multicultural one. Before World War 2 many Mexicans and Puerto Ricans made there home here mainly because it was close to the Southern Pacific Yard were Many worked also West Oakland at the time was home to a thriving Latino Community. African Americans also moved to this area Before World war 2 many were Sleeping Car Porters and they also had a union that was in the South Prescott  located at 517 Wood Street. During World War 2 African Americans coming from the South Began coming to Oakland to fill in the Labor shortage as did Mexican Braceros and Mexican Americans many Blacks and Latinos Moved to this area of Oakland the Braceros had a Living Quarters in the South Prescott area as well on Pine st near 7th st.

During the 1950's and 60's Began the destruction of West Oakland during Urban Renewal the South Prescott area was greatly affected construction of the Main Post Office resulted in the Demolition of many homes also the construction of the West Oakland Bart resulted in the Demolition of more homes as well. Displacing many Families mostly Black and Latino Families.

In Recent years the area has been cleaning up a Park was built in the late 1990's in what was once a bunch of Junkyards. African Americans and Latinos still make up the majority of the neighborhoods population but this is changing due to Gentrification in the area.

South Prescott is also said to be a very Toxic area because of high Levels Lead in the Soil and because it was once home to AMCO Chemical and many Junkyards and Factories.





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