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Interior of St. Elizabeth's

St. Elizabeth Church is a large, primarily-Latino Catholic church in the St. Elizabeth neighborhood. It's a big center of community life and on Sundays, the area around the church is filled with people, street vendors, and music. Founded in 1892, the church itself is beautiful. They currently run St. Elizabeth Elementary School. They used to run the St. Elizabeth High School (Now Cristo De La Salle High School). Mass is given in Spanish and English.

Adjoining the church is the monastery of the Franciscan Friars Province of Saint Barbara.


The church was founded in 1892, and was originally primarily German-speaking Catholics.

The current building was dedicated in 1922. 1

One notable priest of St. Elizabeth was Father Oliver Lynch.

Artist Paul Anton Schmitt is said to have done some murals for the church. Schmitt was married there.

For decades, families of barn owls live in the towers, you can see them nightly.


1500 34th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601


Links and References

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St Elizabeth's current building under construction 1921, looking west on 34th Ave.St. Elizabeth's current building under construction 1921 looking east on 34th Ave. Original 1892 church (demolished 1923) is seen in background.Near completion 1922Celebrating 100 years of service 1992 Oakland Heritage Alliance News