1945 Tribune ad

State Radio & Music was a music and radio store, which appears to have later branched into selling appliances, too, including Philco TVs, refrigerators, and freezers. State Radio & Music was at 4419 Telegraph Avenue, though many of their ads simply said 45th and Telegraph. They were in business from at least 1945 to 1956 (based on Tribune ads).

There was also a State Radio & Music at 2796 Mission in San Francisco in the 1950s. Unclear if it was connected.

In 1953, the Television and Radio Association of Alameda County was formed, and Al Washer of State Radio & Music was one of the directors. 1

Note in the 1949 ad, "See the Premiere Telecast of KGO-TV in our store Open House, May 5th" and "Philco brings you the Oaks games on television Tuesdays * Thursdays * Saturdays."

record cleaner, photo courtesy of Carl Valeboe1949 Tribune ad1950 Tribune ad1949 Tribune ad

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