Montclair RR Trail
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The Storms of 2017 caused damage all over Oakland and California. As of February 25, 2017, storms had caused 8 deaths statewide and an estimated $1 billion in damage. 1

After a relatively quiet March, on April 6, a landslide on Aitken Drive above Banning badly damaged Aitken and forced the evacuation of 6 homes.

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Highway 13 near Broadway Terrace

2017-01 "Steve" the sinkhole

Parts of Highway 13 will remain closed...

Montclair RR Trail 2017-01 landslide See Click Fix #3162724
Montclair RR Trail 2017-01 landslide + tree See Click Fix #3199096
7800 blk Skyline Blvd. 2017-01 landslide See Click Fix #3139201
Snake Rd. 2017-02 tree blocking road  
Skyline Blvd. near Sibley EBRP 2017-02 landslide  
Skyline Blvd. near Huckleberry EBRP 2017-02 landslide  
Ascot at Chelton 2017-02 tree fell on car Bay Area to get break from rain...
Ascot at Chelton 2017-02 landslides closed road Oakland Public Works Advisory
Elverton Drive 2017-02 landslide closed road See Click Fix #3201077
2600 blk. East 27th. 2017-02 sinkhole Sinkhole opens beneath car... (ref 2)
Between Aitken and Banning 2017-04 landslide threatens homes Landslide forces evacuation of hills... (ref 2)

And many more...


  • December, 2016, large tree fell on to Highway 13, trapping a car and blocking traffic (ref)

at Melin Cutslide #2Ascot tree removal - City of OaklandAscot mud - City of OaklandAitken Dr. - CC SA-BY Our Oakland

Links and References

  1. California Storm, Flood Damage Could Top $1 Billion, Governor's Office Says Weather Channel