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Sunnyside Cemetery is a small cemetery on the Mills College campus. The founders of Mills, Susan Lincoln Tolman Mills (1826–1912) and Cyrus Mills (1819–1894), are buried there.

In addition to Mr. & Mrs. Mills, also buried there are:

  • Hettie Belle Ege (1861–1942) - professor of mathematics, acting president 1914–1916
  • Fannie Anna Madison (1872–1947) - alum and later administrator
  • Jane Cordelia "Jennie" Tolman (1831–1912) - sister of Susan Mills, professor emeritus of art history

According to Historic Spots in California, the cemetery helped save Mills College when the MacArthur Freeway was being put through. "The state could override the claims of a college, but a cemetery could not be moved." 1

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