Swap It Oakland hosts various swap events throughout the Oakland, CA area.  They also help get the word out about other organizations or individuals swap events as well. Their goal is to be an easy place to go to find out about all Oakland swaps.
Swap It Oakland hosts Homemade Food, Plants, Clothing, and have occasional specialty swaps which include items like Handmade Art & Gifts, books, or Art Supplies.

SIO is based out of Oakland California with most swaps in the North Oakland neighborhoods. Swaps are run two different ways. Most swaps run in the casual “leave what you have, & take what you want” style but some swaps (Homemade Food Swap) are run with person to person trades, often as a silent auction style swap. You can get more info about how that works HERE.

Swap It Oakland occasionally partners with local non-profits to help raise awareness, items, or funds for various causes.