1960 photo

The Casuals were a local dance band in the 1950s to 70s consisting primarily of Stan Christo, Bill Oliveira, and Gil Esguerra. They made a name for themselves at the Lucky 13 Club on MacArthur, and later opened their own club, Casuals on the Square at Jack London Square.

The Casuals first met and formed at Fremont High School3 class of 1955.

c.1969, Paul Gregory (G. Paul Layton) was their featured organist. [ Question: Who is the 4th person in the 1960 photo? Based on their HS photos, it appears to be L to R: unknown, Bill, Gil, and Stan. ]

1960 ad
1964 ad

A version of the song "Moonbound" was used in a commercial for Trans International Airlines1 which was based at Oakland Airport.

Casuals on the Square

1966 ad

Casuals on the Square at 100 Franklin St. opened c.1965.

They sold it to Warren Gonzales (who had managed the club with them) in 1973 and focused their attention in Concord. 2

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