The Center for Tactical Magic is an Oakland-based international arts group that "advocates “positive social transformation” and “actively addressing power on individual, communal and transnational fronts.” The group says it uses tactics taken from “the ways of the artist, the magician, the ninja, and the private investigator.”"1

Its projects include an anarchist ice cream truck, weird jackets, some kind of "witch cradles"?, and more. They are currently taking proposals for fictional bank robbery plans (in conjunction with Southern Exposure).2

This humble editor has been unable to find a location for the Center.

Contact Information

Questions & Comments: - please write "invoke" in the email subject line

To be added to the CTM email list: - please write "ctm update" in the email subject line

To schedule an event, workshop, or lecture: - please write "event" in the email subject line


  1. The Center on Actipedia
  2. Center for Tactical Magic official website