The Knave was a newspaper column in the Oakland Tribune, written by different people over the years. While it most often refers to the history column, The Knave started February 15, 1902 as a political and gossip column. 6

It appeared inconsistently on Saturdays until June 1906, when it became a regular Sunday feature. Much of the content was about the slowness of insurance companies to pay claims and other problems following the 1906 earthquake. 7

The writers of the column were Joseph Eugene Baker (author of Past and Present of Alameda County) (-1914), Paul Goldsmith (-1938), 6 Addison "Ad" Brown Schuster (-1953), 1 and Leonard Verbarg (1954-1974). Regular contributors to the column included John Winkley, Henry Mauldin, Rockwell D. Hunt, Alex Rosborough, F. Hal Higgins, Charles M. Loring 2 and Albert E. Norman.

Dave Hope started the Daily Knave column in 1933 and oversaw it until its demise in 1954 or 1959. 6,10

The column was discontinued in 1974 after the death of Tribune editor and publisher William F. Knowland.

An incomplete list of Knave articles, some transcribed and researched is on the personal blog Fastest Slow Guy.9

Celebrities at Your Doorstep

CC SA-BY Our OaklandIn 1972, Leonard Verbarg took a selection from past Knave columns and created the book, Celebrities at Your Doorstep: A Treasury of Personalities from The Sunday Tribune, which was published by the Alameda County Historical Society.

Some of the people featured in Celebrities at Your Doorstep (CAYD) include:

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