Delphine Allen et al. v. City of Oakland (or the Riders Case or Riders Scandal) is an ongoing civil rights lawsuit in Federal District Court regarding police misconduct in Oakland, California. Plaintiffs alleged mistreatment at the hands of four veteran officers, known as the “Riders”, who were alleged to have kidnapped, planted evidence, and beaten citizens. Plaintiffs also alleged that the Oakland Police Department turned a blind eye to police misconduct. This came to light in 2000 when a rookie police officer reported on the problems he saw.

In 2003, the parties entered into a settlement. Part of that settlement saw a $10.9 million payout to the 119 plaintiffs. Additionally, the Oakland Police Department was required to comply with a series of reforms. An independent monitoring team was appointed by the court to ensure the police complied with the settlement. As of January 24, 2012 the city has yet to fully comply with the terms of that settlement. 1

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