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Thomas Eagar (March 1, 1830 – October 21, 1903) was a county supervisor, who suggested naming the town of Brooklyn after the ship that brought Mormon settlers to California in 1846.

Eagar married Angeline Merrill Tupper (Eagar) (1837–1911) in 1854, and they had 6 children: Leslie Eagar, Harry Eagar, Laura Eagar, Thomas C. Eagar, Ansel T. Eagar, and Walter S. Eagar.

In 1855, Eagar represented Clinton in the county. In 1856, he was representing the new town of Brooklyn. 1 In 1860, the family moved to Santa Cruz county and Thomas was elected to the State Legislature, in which he served from 1861 to 1869. During this period he also served as Sergeant-at-Arms for the California Assembly.2

The 1870 census lists his profession as ‘lumber dealer’. For a while Eagarʼs son Harry worked for White Lumber.

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